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MMN started as a small BBS running in the corner of a room taking a couple phone calls here and there. It was the first real way Kévin began to get in to online services.

The BBS was using very basic software at the time, where he would add on things such as internet email, later starting to add other internet services such as homepages hosted on another small Macintosh server.

big changes from 2002

Although the BBS continued to run, a bit less popular considering that the internet became more popular, leaving the BBS world behind. MMN continued to remain online.

With a job offer in the UK, the MMN machines flew across the Atlantic and settled in Bristol.

At the time, VoIP services and local numbers were not really available or of good enough quality, so the dial in service had effectively stopped. Making MMN an internet only BBS, with connections via telnet.

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software change in 2007

A decision was made to change over to the Wildcat! BBS package allowing a more flexible BBS interaction with the Windows client, web interface, built in USENET and POP/SMTP support.

With this change we started to move towards full fledged internet services and hosting.

In the early incarnation, a basic homepage editor was installed on our Wildcat! installation.

another move in 2013

We not only moved from the UK just over the channel in to Paris, but we also began reviewing the posibility of offering web hosting.

With our selected partner, we launched free web hosting at using our domain for clients.

In 2015 we found the perfect two letter domain,, migrating our client base away from to a shorter and simplier domain name.

With the success of our free hosting packages and to bring more to our customers, in 2018 we launched our own platform for Premium Eco Hosting.

From our offices in 16e arrondissement of Paris, we have expanded our customer services team, improved our internal customer management systems and our hosting platforms to best manage your requirements.

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what does the future have in store

We continue to strive to be the best in the market for web hosting along side our exceptional customer care.

We continue to grow in to other markets around the globe, such as Latin America and Africa.